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Experience the benefits of specialised ECU and TCU software remapping, tailored for South African conditions and fuels. These tried and tested solutions offer a harmonised performance boost, ensuring your vehicle’s engine and transmission are finely tuned. Enjoy optimal efficiency and a significantly enhanced driving experience on South Africa’s roads with this expertly crafted software.

ECU Remapping: This process fine-tunes your engine’s control unit, responsible for key functions like fuel injection and ignition timing. By adjusting these settings, we enhance your vehicle’s power output and fuel efficiency. The remapping is conducted through a direct connection to the OBD-II port, ensuring precise and customised modifications.

TCU Remapping: For vehicles with automatic transmissions, TCU remapping is essential. It optimises transmission functions such as gear shifting and torque limitation. This leads to quicker gear shifts, increased torque capacity, and potentially enables advanced features for a more dynamic driving experience.

Wulfchiptegnik™ ECU & TCU software upgrades.

If you’re seeking to enhance your vehicle’s power or torque, our proven ECU and TCU software is designed to unlock its true potential, ensuring optimal performance tailored to your needs.


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Select the right Wulfchiptegnik™ software pack for your vehicle, tailored for either ECU or TCU tuning, and proceed to check-out. Once your purchase is complete, we’ll send you a software voucher via email. This voucher can be used to schedule an appointment at either our Cape Town or Johannesburg branches. Please note that software purchased online is specifically for OBD-II port use.

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