Porsche 911 Turbo S 991.2 Wulfpipe™ valvetronic exhaust.

Getting the opportunity to unleash the true potential of a 2018 Porsche 911 Turbo S is what we live for! The team set out to craft a bespoke valvetronic Wulfpipe™ system, all designed and fabricated in-house. Partnered with our tried-and tested Wulfchiptegnik™ performance software, the Turbo S was transformed into a fire-spitting torque monster, with 900Nm being transferred through the 4-wheel drive system. Have a look at the epic video our friends at Double Trouble produced for us, to see why the client was so happy with how this project turned out.

Special thanks to Double Trouble.

Wulfpipe™ Performance Exhausts

Wulfchiptegnik™’s own Wulpipe™ performance exhaust range was born out of passion and developed after 10 years in the automotive tuning game. Designed and built in-house, our expert fabricators use nothing but the best materials and processes to build these bespoke systems. Choose between non-valvetronic or valvetronic to unleash the true potential of your vehicle’s engine note.


Software upgrade

Our engineers have developed and tested performance software for most mainstream vehicles. Choose between our plug and play Wulfbox™ or a custom map uploaded directly to your vehicle’s ECU via OBD port.

Stock Kilowatts
Stock Torque
Wulf™ Tuned Kilowatts
Wulf™ Tuned Torque

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