Mercedes-Benz C63S AMG Stage 3 with Fi Exhaust™ and Pure Turbos™ upgrade.

When you want to destroy your rear tyres on a daily basis, you brief us on a stage 3 project for your Mercedes-Benz C63S AMG. The team opted for a bespoke Fi Exhaust™ and Pure Turbos™ upgrade, in combination with our tried & tested Stage 3 Wulfchiptegnik™ software to take this C63S AMG to the next level. And by next level we mean … hell fury, armageddon, tyre slayer, we’ve run out of adjectives to describe this beast. Final figures came in at 502kW 880Nm, which in a rear wheel driven car – is our idea of fun!

Special thanks to Loud & Rowdy.

Software upgrade

Our engineers have developed and tested performance software for most mainstream vehicles. Choose between our plug and play Wulfbox™ or a custom map uploaded directly to your vehicle’s ECU via OBD port.

Fi Exhausts™

Fi Exhaust (Frequency Intelligent Exhaust systems) perfectly combine many years of expertise and modern technology to create the world’s most advanced exhaust system for premium automobiles. Take pride in knowing that every exhaust we build, every product we create is the fusion of FI’s unique design prowess, our cutting-edge and signature Valvetronic© Technology, Built-In Intelligent Controller, and is the perfect combination of comfort and performance. Ever since our inception, our R&D team have consistently engineered high quality exhaust systems for enthusiasts who want a no-nonsense exhaust system that will perform and produce a superior sound.

Pure Turbos™

Pure Turbos™ are a company offering high quality new and remanufactured turbochargers. They pride themelves in providing the best in turbocharger services and products at competitive pricing.

Stock Kilowatts
Stock Torque
Wulf™ Tuned Kilowatts
Wulf™ Tuned Torque

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