Drag Race: Wulf Audi S3 vs Audi RS6 (stock).

We’ve always wondered whether a tuned Audi S3 could come close to the mighty Audi RS6 Avant. Can it? Watch the video.

As a young(er) man, I was very fortunate to have an E30 BMW 320i passed down to me. With all my accumulated wisdom and maturity of my 18 years on this planet, I immediately fitted a free-flow exhaust. It sounded amazing. That straight six blowing through a pipe large enough to canoe through made me deliriously happy. And then I changed the air filter. Which of course made the car faster (in my mind, mostly). It also destroyed the hot air sensor and caused me about 6 months of frustration before a friend’s dad worked out what it was. He hit me over the head with my air filter and that was that. I upgraded the sound system next but by this stage, the sound system was needed to drown out that awful exhaust note. Yes, the same exhaust note that had once been so arousing was now a drone; an annoying and constant background track to every journey. It was around this time that I became a motoring journalist and started to experience how exceptional modern cars could be. I adopted a rather dim view of modifying cars. My time in this industry has taught me that car makers go to incredible lengths to ensure their cars are safe, powerful, comfortable and reliable. To my mind, fiddling with cars which are the result of billions spent on R&D is folly. Until I came up against the Wulfchiptegnik™ Audi S3. This is the sort of tuning I can get behind. Proudly South African development, with no oily rags and botched transplant jobs. Just a laptop and a genius. And so when Charl of Wulfchiptegnik™ gave us a call and thought his personal S3 could give the new RS6 Avant a run for its money, we thought, why not?

Special thanks to Ciro De Siena and his team. Originally posted on www.cars.co.za

Stage 1 Wulf™ S3 kW
Stage 1 Wulf™ S3 Torque
Audi RS6 kW
Audi RS6 Torque

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