Audi RS3 2.5 TFSi Sedan with Rotiform™ forged wheels and Milltek™ System.

The Audi RS3 sedan in is stock form is a proper performance package, but as you know at Wulfchiptegnik™ we like to improve on stock. Dubbed project Werewulf™, our team set out to compile a wish list of bespoke parts, with the goal of making this the fastest RS3 in South Africa. Rotiform™ forged 20″ wheels, partnered with Michelin™ Pilot Cup tyres, all riding on KW™ Suspsension, took care of the RS3’s stance and ride. Performance wise we opted for our tried and tested Wulfchiptegnik™ Stage 2 performance software in conjunction with a Milltek™ downpipe and carbon fibre Eventuri™ intake. Performance figures came in at a biblical 372kW 712Nm, which more than exceeded our expectations and more importantly, our long-standing client’s expectations. Check out the video below to hear the Werewulf™ crackle and pop through the streets of Cape Town!

Special thanks to Loud & Rowdy.

Software upgrade

Our engineers have developed and tested performance software for most mainstream vehicles. Choose between our plug and play Wulfbox™ or a custom map uploaded directly to your vehicle’s ECU via OBD port.

Milltek™ performance exhaust

Milltek™ Performance Exhausts draws from almost four decades of continuous research, development and technical expertise.
Their range of hand-finished exhaust systems continues to grow – fulfilling the demanding requirements of discerning owners for key marques like Audi, Volkswagen, Porsche, BMW and Alfa Romeo. Their enviable motorsport heritage, working with Championships like the BTCC, the Volkswagen Racing Cup and gruelling events like the like the Nurburgring 24H gives us the technical insight to development exhaust solutions that truly work – offering power and aural enhancements for a wide range of sports, prestige and competition vehicles.

Eventuri™ intakes

Using their Patent Pending filter housings, Eventuri are setting a new benchmark in the aftermarket intake industry. No more unverified and misleading performance gains. They are consistently developing bespoke intake solutions, which bring genuine power and torque increases. Extensive prototyping, testing and rigorous validation methods ensure that their designs enhance the driving experience of your vehicle in the real world. With a construction quality that is second to none, they are raising the bar on every front.


Rotiform™ forged wheels

Choose from international wheel brands such as Rotiform™ and ADV1™ to complete the look on your project vehicle. For a more cost efficient solution speak to us about covering your existing wheels in a non-permanent Plasti-Dip™ finish or a permanent epoxy coating, both available in a variety of colours.

Stock Kilowatts
Stock Torque
Wulf™ Tuned Kilowatts
Wulf™ Tuned Torque

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