Wulfbox™ by Wulfchiptegnik™ is a plug and play module pre-loaded with software that you can install yourself.

Remapping is an smart way to increase your vehicle’s speed and performance, while also improving fuel consumption. It works by using one of two methods, either an electronic control module (plug and play module) or OBD tuning to modify the electronic control unit (ECU) attached to your vehicle’s engine. The ECU is the onboard computer that provides signals for ignition, injection and exhaust regulation to the vehicle’s engine.

The benefits of our Wulfbox™ plug and play module:

Easy to install yourself or alternatively our engineers can assist.
The Wulfbox™ simply alters the ECU input’s signals in real time, while optimizing the engine maps several thousand times per second. The result is immediate and obvious performance improvement and, in many situations, decreased fuel consumption as added bonus.
The best part of our Wulfbox™ is that it keeps all motor protection programs and limiters intact, eliminating the risk of overloading certain engine components. Your vehicle’s original software doesn’t change, so its maximum speed limit (V-Max, RPM limiter ect) remains valid.

Software upgrade
for most makes and models.

Contact us if you are interested in a Wulfbox™ preloaded with our software for your vehicle.


Questions about your vehicle’s factory warranty? Most vehicle manufacturers will not endorse any performance software or hardware performance upgrades on a vehicle that still has it’s original factory warranty and or motorplan intact. It is therefor important that customers understand that manufacturer’s can cancel a vehicle’s warranty or motorplan, should they pick up a mechanical or electrical issue specifically related to the software or hardware modification(s). Wulfchiptegnik™ will always advise their customers to first return a vehicle to stock, before they vehicle is taken in for any servicing or warranty claims at the manufacturer. Wulfchiptegnik™ software has been developed specifically for South African conditions, fuel octanes and have been tried and tested before being released to market. All modifications will be subject to the customer signing an indemnity form.