Wulfchiptegnik™ can supply performance air intakes for a variety of vehicles.

Most air intake systems has three main parts, an air filter, mass flow sensor, and throttle body. Some modern intake systems can be highly complex, and often include specially-designed intake manifolds to optimally distribute air and air/fuel mixture to each cylinder. Many cars today now include a silencer to minimize the noise entering the cabin. Silencers impede air flow and create turbulence which reduce total power, so performance enthusiasts often remove them.[citation needed] All the above is usually accomplished by flow testing on a flow bench in the port design stage. Vehicles with turbochargers or superchargers which provide pressurized air to the engine usually have highly refined intake systems to improve performance dramatically. Production cars have specific-length air intakes to cause the air to vibrate and buffet at a specific frequency to assist air flow into the combustion chamber. Wulfchiptegnik™ offer performance air intakes with larger throttle bodies and air filters that decrease restriction of flow at the cost of changing the harmonics of the air intake for a small net increase in power or torque.

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